• California goes greener, this time with three new hydrogen refueling stations

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    The Golden State is sure keen on going as green as possible, and news of renewable energy plants and green initiatives is flowing out of the state time and again. Recently, we came across the Industry Metrolink Station going green with a solar powered parking lot and plans for building a molten salt solar power plant in California. Now, the state will receive three new hydrogen refuelling stations, making the lives of plug-in hybrid owners and fuel-cell car owners a lot easier. The California Energy Commission has generously released funds for these three new stations in Laguna Niguel, West Sacramento and South San Francisco. These stations will be strategically placed in high-traffic areas to help increase functionality and will produce 100 kilograms of hydrogen on a daily basis.

    Californians rejoice. The fuel-cell car you’ve been dreaming to buy will now have a watering hole that’s close to your home! And we’re pretty sure, these three stations will soon spawn more of their kind across California, as the trend spreads around.

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