• Bye Bye Laundry hangers use activated charcoal to keep your clothes odor-free

  • Washing clothes in a laundry machine is an energy consuming process. If you’ve been looking for a way to keep your sufficiently clean clothes from smelling, British designer and recent grad Lisa Marie Bengtsson is worth a look! A simply clothes hanger concept that uses activated charcoal to keep your clothes odor-free, this one keeps away the need to toss your clothes inside a washing machine time and again. Called the Bye Bye Laundry concept, these hangers keep your clothes fresh by simply having them hung! The charcoal in particular is processed oxygen, making it super-absorbent. Also, the Bye Bye Laundry hangers are available in a host of colors to suit your tastes and are indeed a great way to store your clothes after a single wear.


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