• Bill Gates wishes for a cleaner and greener world

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    Now Bill Gates too wants the earth to be a greener, cleaner and a more environment friendly place to live in. the big shot in the IT industry wants cleaner and cheaper energy. He stated the fact that carbon capture and storage and nuclear as well as wind and solar is the need of the day. Setting the clocks to 2050 as a deadline to reduce carbon emissions to zero, Bill Gates has also outlined a tight innovation and deployment timeline of 20 years to innovate and 20 years to deploy these innovations for future use.

    Gates Foundation is known for investing in health care and poverty, and is new to the field of climate change. Gates states that it is necessary to invest in clean technology and innovation to gain zero emissions.
    Let’s hope that Bill Gates efforts to turn our world green work out as planned and he achieves his wish by the year 2050.

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