• The Bicycle Elevator, a green way to ride up and down trees without electricity

  • treehouse-elevator
    Without innovation, human life wouldn’t amount to much. Hell, we’d still be a bunch of nomadic tribes, desperately seeking ways to fulfill our most basic needs. Which is why, we consider innovation to be a gift, and which is also why we’ve fallen in love with this fantastic elevator concept we spotted riding up a tree recently. The elevator makes use of an old bicycle and to ride it, one simply needs to be seated on the bicycle’s seat and begin pedaling. The pulley system quickly begins to ascend the bicycle up to the tree-house that is nested about 30 feet off the ground.

    The Bicycle Elevator concept was designed and developed by Ethan Schlussler of Sandpoint, Idaho, who seems to have grown tired of climbing up and down the tree using a ladder. So, instead of using an electricity powered elevator system, Schlussler decided to settle for this green innovation!

    [Via – Ohgizmo and Likecool]

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