• Barbie dolls are eating up Indonesian forests

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    If you’ve been under the impression that Barbie dolls are nothing but a pack of joy and a pink girly obsession, completely harmless and innocent, think again! These dolls most of you might have spent your childhoods with have had their share in having a bunch load of trees disappearing from the surface of the earth. To create the packaging for these dolls that have been known to set free the imaginations of kids, hardwood trees far out in Indonesia meet their end with axes and chainsaws. And as the Indonesian rainforests disappear, so do orangutans and tigers, as they lose their homes due to deforestation.

    The Greenpeace Organization nearly fell out of its chair hearing the report of just how environmentally harmful packaging of these toys is, while Mattel, the manufacturing firm, remains ignorant of the harm it has caused and is continuing to cause to our planet.

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