• Artist Artur Bordalo creates the Owl Eyes installation from scrap

  • outdoor-sculpture-1Junk does not necessarily need to end in a dump yard and Portuguese artist Artur Bordalo (Bordalo II) just proved the same! The artist displayed the Owl Eyes installation at the WOOL urban art festival in Covilhã, Portugal. What sets this one apart from a big chunk of the art installations you’ve seen before is the fact that the Owl Eyes is made from scrap. The installation was constructed from all the waste materials scavenged by Bordalo.

    Colorful and beautiful to look at, this one’s painted brown to look like an owl and is set against a green background. This just goes to prove that with the right amount of innovation and creativity; conventionally unpleasant articles can be turned into eye-catching pieces of art!




    [Via – Laughingsquid]

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