• Artificial ‘green’ tree that purifies air

  • Trees are an essential part of the eco-system and play an important part in cleansing the air and saving our lungs from all the pollution in the air. Seung Jun Jeong has designed an artificial tree that includes a seating ring at the base and LED lights to warm up the ambiences too. The round base includes an electronic fan that sucks in the air around it and pumps it through the HEPA filters to remove all impurities. The fresh air is then released from the top of the structure that does a load of good for the environment. This artificial tree will certainly work wonders at crowded malls, where the percentage of oxygen keeps dropping with everybody indulging in retail therapy and while its not purifying air ,this tree can be a good place to rest your tired feet as well.


    Posted in Topics:Other Stuff, Tags: , on August 24, 2009