• ARIA Resort & Casino in Las Vegas is the world’s largest LEED Gold certified hotel

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    Looks like the hospitality industry is speeding towards a green horizon, with LEED Gold rated hotels sprouting up everywhere. The last time we heard of one of these, was Marriott International’s baby in Atlanta. Well here’s yet another one, the world’s largest ever hotel to have a LEED Gold certification, in the heart of Vegas. The ARIA Resort & Casino stands proudly in at the CityCenter, fronting the Las Vegas Strip. And yes, it’s gigantic and green and green as ever. The hotel boasts 4,000-rooms and a casino, and is the tallest strucure in CityCenter, raising a proud head in the Las Vegas skyline. The buildings are constructed of steel and glass and reflect the Las Vegas sky. The hotel uses an energy-saving curtain wall, which uses a new generation of glass coatings that let daylight in while blocking the sun’s heat-producing rays.

    Standing 600 feet tall, the 3.8-million-square-foot hotel-casino also wears sunshades that educe glare and maintain an even temperature in the guest rooms. Ceramic frit is also used on the glass to keep out the daylight without obstructing the view. A must visit, if you land up in Vegas.

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