• Are hybrids cars greener than human-beings? Professor Minetti thinks so!

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    Little did we know just how polluting being a human-being really is, even hybrid cars are greener than us these days! A professor of physiology at the University of Milan, Alberto E. Minetti, came up with the astounding fact that a group of four people running, harms the environment a lot more, leaving behind a darker carbon footprint, than having them drive in one hybrid car! The emission let out by a hybrid car carrying four people is slightly lesser than that created by four men running a mile. And yes, statistics also claim that women pollute lesser then men.

    This seems to be an irresolute claim however, given that we, as human beings, do not consume fossil fuels and the Co2 we let out is part of the biological cycle, unlike that created by hybrid cars! One thing’s for sure though. These hybrids are sure as hell green!

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