• Arbre – An eco-friendly tree to illuminate the eco-dens of the future

  • arbre.jpg
    It is impossible to grow trees in and around most urban nest as crammed space doesn’t allow such eco-luxuries. However designers Wan-Jin Joo, Hyun-Joung Yoo, Sun-Woo Lee and Won-Seok Lee have shaped up, if not a real green tree, an eco-friendly glowing tree. Dubbed, Arbre, it is a cluster of twigs that light up with LEDs. Shaped out of recycled plastic, it’s a simple assemble-it-yourself concept. Utilizing a module method of lighting, Arbre takes it form by fitting the twig like pieces into one another. Though it isn’t an out-of-the-box design, it’s the use of recycled plastic that has caught my green fancy.


    Posted in Topics:Other Stuff, Tags: , on November 21, 2008