• AirEnergy 3D, the mobile wind turbine that fits inside a backpack!

  • 3d-printed-wind-turbine-1The next time you carry a bunch of gadgets with you to a windy place, make sure you also pack one of these! Called the AirEnergy 3D, this portable wind turbine was designed and developed by Omni3D, a Poland-based company that manufactures 3D printers and printing materials. The turbine is completely collapsible and fits inside a backpack! Capable of generating up to 300W in a windy area, this open source project is currently on Kickstarter, looking for funds.

    The basic kit of the AirEnergy 3D comes with downloadable and editable 3D models of each of the required parts. Along with this, the kit also packs an instruction manual, helping first timers quickly set up this revolutionary concept. Once assembled and setup, a user can charge gadgets by plugging directly using the USB extension cord.

    [Via – PSFK]

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