• Adorn your home with Eco-friendly wooden flooring

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    I don’t really know if having wooden flooring in your home is an eco-friendly thing to do or not. But when the wood comprises of reusable and recycled materials, then it definitely is the right option. Apart from that, the wooden flooring, of which I have always been a fan of, gives that earthy and natural feel to your home. Stone Source develops the reclaimed wood flooring by using reusable materials from deconstruction sites. The antique wooden flooring is made of different wood types for a customizable look for your home. You can choose from Berkshire Pine, New England Hemlock, North Faced Oak, Poplar, American Chestnut or Vertical Grain Heart Pine to suit your interiors or exteriors. Also this product is FSC certified, it definitely is a huge hit in the eco-friendly homes.

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