• A suitcase that can be charged with solar as well as kinetic energy

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    Pluggage is a prototype for a carry-on suitcase which features a built-in batter or inverter and also a solar panel. This means you can charge the suitcase when it moves and also in the sun. This bag was created by a student of ITP who spent 3 months by tricking out a Burton Wheelie Flight Deck rolling suitcase with a Duracell PowerSource Mobile 100 external battery pack, a stepper motor, multimeter to display battery life and a Burton SolarRolls panel that can generate 4.5 watts. The battery can be charged in about 2 hours of walk time assuming an average walking speed of 2 to 5 kilometers per hour. A full charge is capable of charging a laptop for 1.5 hours. But sadly the big companies like Samsonite is reluctant to even look at his creation. So now he is turning towards smaller luggage companies. Well if this does become a hit Samsonite will look like a loser.

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