• A rodent powered eco-friendly paper shredder

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    Instead of getting rid of rodents, why not employ them for an eco-friendly task? Tom Ballhatchet from London has precisely done that and is boasting of the most unusual paper shredder. He has come up with a hamster powered paper shredder for an industrial design project. With an aim to address issues like identifying fraud and recycling, Tom borrowed his friend’s hamster to power his eco-friendly paper shredder. It works on simple principle: The rodent has to run flat out for 45 minutes to shred one sheet of A4 paper. This shredded paper in turn becomes the fresh bedding for the helpful pet.

    The simplicity of the product is designer’s words – “Owners can put their paper in the top before they go to bed and wake up to find the hamster has been on its wheel and shredded the paper in the process. The hamster just has to go about its normal life.”
    It is also reported that many companies have expressed an interest in turning the working prototype into a full-scale production.
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