• A mirror that makes you save water by riding on your guilty conscience

  • mirror2.jpg
    Emotional blackmail is the worst form of blackmail that ever exists. And when even machines use the emotional tactic, it sure is going to get very difficult for us emotional fools to survive. Better yet, we will at least get environmentally sensitive. Designer Jin Kim has designed this mirror that can show how much water we use on a daily, monthly and even on a yearly basis. The mirror looks unsuspecting until the LED lights glow with the hard to digest facts about your water usage. The system is attached with the sink, so the colors on the lights work on tandem with the amount of water used. You can also make the mirror control the excessive amount of water you consume. If the water used is over the regular mark, the LED flickers the image of an African child carrying a pot of water reminding of the painful fact that how these kids have to travel miles together to fetch one mere pot of water. Very thoughtful indeed.


    Posted in Topics:Other Stuff, Tags: , on January 6, 2010