• 7 Unique Ecological Inventions from Ukraine That Helped Humanity

  • Believe it or not, but Ukrainians do a pretty good job in the field of invention. Some of their innovations, especially ecological, help the world immensely, and we don’t even know their origin! Ukraine came up with the first helicopter, tram, artificial satellite, X-ray, the cast and many other useful things. Unfortunately, new ecological inventions are not well-known or highly estimated in Ukraine, but they have huge demand and a lot of appreciation abroad. Here are the most interesting ecological innovations of the past decade:

    1. Balcony windmill
    Oleksii Onipko invented a unique wind turbine. The aggregate can start working even at a wind speed of less than 1 m/s, while other similar devices need 2.5-3 m/s. That’s pretty impressive, huh? Several foreign countries already ordered this invention. Also, the development was awarded the “Green Oscar”.

    2. The car that runs on air
    48-year-old Ukrainian created a car that runs on compressed air. Although this eco-car travels at a speed of 40 km / h, it produces no harmful emissions and allows you to ride free. This is one of the most eco-friendly inventions ever made! The technology is constantly developing, as insiders claim.

    3. Sawdust eco-fuel
    Volodymyr Melnikov demonstrated one more engineer miracle. He designed a machine that converts wood waste into briquettes. Under the high pressure sawdust heats up to 300 C˚, and it results in the formation of vegetable glue. Then the press squeezes the mass with 200 tons per square centimeter. Here is how this fuel briquette, similar to anthracite, comes from.

    4. Warm blinds
    Dmytro Chulkov invented special shutters that support constant temperature, even in the most severe frosts. They work on the principle of solar collectors, receiving energy from the sun and converting it into heat. Two shutters were enough to heat a two-bedroom apartment!

    5. Desalination of sea water
    Leonard Smirnov, the professor of the Odessa University of Cryotechnology, invited unique technology that makes any water drinkable, even sea water! Frozen to a certain degree, it turns into crystals. All of the harmful contaminants disappear, even deuterium and tritium – heavy hydrogen isotopes that cause DNA, genes, and the nervous system disruption.

    6. Device that combats hurricanes
    Viktor Bernatskyi created a gadget that lessens hurricane’s energy, making a powerful vortex to destroy itself. Thus, human deaths and large-scale destruction during natural disasters can be avoided. The device catches the streams of strong wind and reduces its strength by countering the counter flow of air.

    7. Natural means of tackling ecological problems
    15-year old student Ekateryna Malkina is a new-generation ecologist. Earlier this year, she participated in the international Olympiad in the Netherlands, where she received a silver medal for her project. It consists in the fact that plastic waste can be disposed organically, thanks to the larvae of different beetles. She was the one who thought of processing plastic naturally – with a help of bugs, who consume everything, including garbage. Way to go, UA girls!

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