• 4 Ways to Market Your Green Business on a Tight Budget

  • Green businesses, like other types of businesses need marketing in order to enjoy success. To get people to buy into your idea and actually pay for your products, they have to know who you are, what your business stands for and also, to develop some level of trust. Successfully marketing a green business therefore requires good PR and a strong connection to customers. However, good PR is not cheap and building an effective connection takes up resources. If you are looking for ways to market your green business on a tight budget, you’ll have to think outside the box. Here are 4 ways to get the results you need at a budget-friendly cost.

    Increase Visibility with Green Branding

    Branding has some useful benefits for businesses, including:
    – delivers the message clearly
    – motivates targets to buy
    – creates user loyalty
    – confirms business credibility
    – creates an emotional connection between target prospect and business

    The idea therefore, is to design a custom logo specific to your business that will serve as a tool to communicate your green business and separate you from the competition. Also, since you are on a budget, there are some free online graphics tools available that you can use to create your own logo online.

    Blog about It
    Having a blog is no longer a mere option in this day and age. It has become almost as important as having insurance for your business. You need to engage with your audience with useful, well thought-out content before you start to sell. Give your readers not only content about what you offer, but also an insider look at how you operate as a company. Being green means being transparent. Posting on day to day operations, financial resources used internally or new staff announcements can be great ways of connecting your company to consumers via blogging – making them feel part of the company journey.

    Engage Social Networking
    Social networks like Facebook and so on are free, and offer tons of marketing opportunities once you know how to do harness the power of online marketing. The best way to use social networks to market your green business is to connect with people and create content that builds interest in you and what you do. This method works best as a two-way street, where you are not only talking about your products, but also listening to what others have to say about them as well.

    Make Use of Video
    Video is a highly effective tool, easy to use and can boost conversion rates by up to 50 percent. It engages people in a way that cannot be completely achieved by using text and photos alone. It also has the added benefit of reducing costs, when you keep it simple and direct. So, whether it is professionally produced or a simple cell phone video, the important thing to keep in mind is that your video should help the target market know you and your business better. What’s a better way to market your green business than to put faces, voices, personality and heart right in front of your customers?

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