• 119,000 people employed in the solar energy industry in the United States!

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    The use of solar energy is indeed catching on quickly and all of this is evident from the increase in business of the solar-power industry. Manufacturers of solar power technology have been enjoying a booming business, particularly in the United States, where more and more individuals and organizations are turning towards the use of solar energy to power up homes, offices, institutions and factories. As per reports by the Solar Foundation, the solar power industry employs more than 119,000 in the United States!

    California, known for its numerous solar energy exploits, currently has about 43,000 working in the solar energy sector. Arizona on the other hand has a population of 9,800 and rising working with solar energy companies. Most of these jobs come under the installation phase of solar energy distribution. Employees are commonly paid about $38,000 a year, roughly about $18 an hour. The industry is growing further and we foresee a tremendous growth in employment too!



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