• Work on muscles to charge up the GettaGrip Musclephone

  • GettaGrip_Musclephone.jpg
    All I can say about this gadget is that it will help to build up your fore arm muscles as you charge your cell phone. Since there isn’t much information about this GettaGrip Musclephone, I want to play safe with its description. Going by the image, I think it’s a concept phone designed by some eco-designer. Packing a lithium-ion battery inside, this gadget gets its juice by squeezing the grooved edges on the sides.Aptly contoured to fit between the fingers, the user just needs to apply pressure for forty seconds at a stretch for a full charge up. Wonder how that much can be enough to run the can-do-without gadget for hours at a stretch. Also dainty fingers will not be able to charge their Musclephone for non-stop yakking. Sincerely, such eco-friednly cellphones aren’t welcome as we can do with better options like the solar powered ones.