• Woodscan optical Scanning Equipment sorts out good and bad lumber for recycling

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    Not all wooden products are eco-friendly as trees felled for fresh wood takes a toll on our forests and environment. Employing used lumber and recycled old wood resources help in reducing the overall impact to our environment. And here is a gadget that helps to recycle the lumber in more efficient manner. Woodscan is an optical scanning equipment designed to enhance effective reuse and recycle of non-hazardous secondhand lumber. Earlier all the lumber found its way to landfills. But with this sorting device, users can separate harmful used lumber from re-usable good ones easier than ever. It is a totally new optical discrimination system using near infrared rays, enabling us to sort out lumber containing hazardous material simply by holding the equipment over the object. This compact, portable gadget makes it convenient for users to carry it along to the sites. And we all know that salvaging used lumber can provide cost savings and move us all closer to a sustainable future.

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