• Winner of the Electrolux Design Lab 2010 is the energy saving Snail by Peter Alwin

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    The results for the Electrolux Design Lab 2010 are here, and the winner this time hails from the National Institute of Design, India, Peter Alwin with his invention, The Snail. Winning a cash prize of a sweet € 5000 with a six-month paid internship at one of Electrolux global design centers, Peter Alwin’s invention sure grabbed the hearts of the jury made up of Ineke Hans, founder of design office INEKEHANS/ARNHEM, Benjamin Hubert (Design of the year, British Design awards 2010), Jon Marshall, Studio Director at BarberOsgerby; and Henrik Otto, Senior Vice President of Global Design at Electrolux. Coming back to the invention, The Snail is basically a portable heating and cooking device that uses magnetic induction processes. This one can be used in pots, pans, mugs and can help heat up the contents. Taken that it reduces the amount of energy used to heat up food, this one sure is green. Its portable too, making cooking a lot easier, especially in places where full-fledged cooking-ranges are inaccessible.

    Using a high density sugar crystal battery and converting energy from sugar, The Snail heats up a coil and conducts the magnetic induction process to the vessel. Indeed a winner, we’d just love to have The Snail heating up our food for us soon! Congratulations Peter Alwin!
    [ElectroluxDesignlab Via – YankoDesign]

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