• Wind-powered Hope of Breeze lighting solution inspired by traditional Japanese wind chimes

  • hope_of_breeze.jpg
    Wind chimes soothe the soul. Meant to drive away negative emotions and depressing energies, these traditional Japanese bells jingle away gloriously in the breeze. Inspired by these aural garden ornaments, designers Chen Yan Zhuang, Zhou Li, Peng Qixuan, Liu Huan-jung, Ke Qi Ling & Zhong Zhida came up with the Hope of Breeze concept. Essentially a wind-powered lamp, the Hope of Breeze uses energy harvested from the flow of wind to light up the LED lamp instead of producing those customary clinking tinkling sounds. Also, the Hope of Breezeā€™s LED board on the bottom works as a wishing board with touch technology, enabling one to pen down their wishes and blessings by moving their finger across the board.

    Posted in Topics:Gadgets and Tech, Tags: on February 24, 2012