• Will ‘Smart Fridges’ Redeem Themselves Using Green Technology?

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    Refrigerators and air conditioners have always been seen as main culprit for depletion of ozone layer and energy consumption. But with green technology now things may change, fridges have already become “smart fridges” by cutting down power use of freezers during peak demand hours. New smart fridge technology will be assessed in a ‘smart grid’ trial throughout next year. Some 3,000 customers of nPower will take part in this monitoring beginning at the end of this month. It is estimated that ‘smart fridges” will reduce CO2 emissions by whopping 2 million tonnes and grid balancing cost will be cut by £220m per year.
    UK is making all efforts to cut down emission and this initiative will pay off well because many other nations will follow their ways to become green. Eco conscious people and environmentalists will be relieved if ‘smart fridges’ are proved to be green for it will lot of energy and reduce carbon footprint.

    Via Business Green