• Whirlpool Re-Cycle Laundry Center for clean green washing times

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    With the irrational exploitation of water, the future of water doesn’t seem to be promising. And that’s exactly why the topic for the Whirlpool 2008 Contest was “Future of Water”. A student from Mexico conceptualized the Re-Cycle Laundry Center Design for the same with winning features. The designer was inspired by the universal recycling logo to give shape this project’s form. And hence the name too! Though the system consists of three identical drums, they differ in functions. The first two make up for the usual washing machine components, one is a washing drum and the other is the dryer. However it’s the third one that functions as a filter and a water tank to recycle the used water. It has been designed to reuse the water as well as the steam from the first cycle.

    Further more, the drums spin clockwise, forcing the water by gravity from the washing machine to the tank and vice versa. This kind of set up helps to save space, weight and energy.
    We sincerely hope that such a water-saving and energy-saving concept materializes soon, but of course tweaked with a few practical features too.
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    Via – Designlaunches

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