• Wave Glider robots use solar energy to track tagged sharks

  • Following a shark around isn’t one of the wisest things a human being would want to do, which is why we use robots these days to track down sharks and better understand their patterns of behavior and life. Researchers studying the aquatic life, particularly sharks, can now resort to a more eco-friendly way of tracking down these feared blood curdlers. Called the Wave Gliders, these solar powered underwater robots could be put to use by the likes of the Stanford University and Hopkins Marine Station and are in essence self-propelling automatons that use the energy of the sun to power up. with body designs replicating surf boards, these Wave Gliders track tagged sharks and help nearby laboratories collect information in regards to these deadly fishes, helping us better understand just what keeps our finned friends going.


    Posted in Topics:Gadgets and Tech, Tags: , on August 21, 2012