• Wattbike, the exercise machine with an energy meter

  • Wattbike.jpg
    Green workout machines have always left us grinning. Besides burning those calories away and giving your body a more human-like and a less-snowman like figure, these machines also generate electricity. To add to the bandwagon, we’ve brought to you the Wattbike. This one replicates a true cycling experience as far as possible, and allows for bicyclists to train hard, at the saying time showing just how much energy they’ve created by cycling. In short, the Wattbike tells users just how much energy they’ve expelled and produced while training. Also, this one makes notes of just about everything, like the time you spend on it, your heart rate and such which can then be accessed via a computer or a smartphone.

    A great way to train those leg muscles of yours into shape, the Wattbike would do well if it could trickle the energy generated into the grid!

    Posted in Topics:Gadgets and Tech, Tags: , on June 17, 2011