• Water powered NoPoPo Mini Lantern illuminates dark times

  • nopopo-mini-lantern.jpg
    Here’s a perfect green gear for eco-campers. Water powered NoPoPo Mini Lantern is as simple as it can get. Ideal for folks on the go, this eco-friendly light source can be used as a flashlight or a unidirectional lantern. It comes with a syringe that is used to suck up water in to the NoPoPo battery. And this same battery powers up the lantern to get rid of darkness in a green manner. LED lit NoPoPo Mini Lantern is rechargeable and can last for a decade. Hold on, it gets more interesting as the lantern can be juiced with other liquids like beer, cola and even urine! So if you are lost in the woods and cannot get hold of water to charge this lantern, then worry not. Just pee in the syringe to get some light back in to your life…..at least at that moment. If you think that I am kidding then hit the product page to read about this water powered lantern cum flashlight. For $39, it also comes with a rechargeable AA NoPoPo battery.


    Posted in Topics:Gadgets and Tech, Tags: , on May 26, 2009