• VLSCI brings super green IBM Blue Gene/Q supercomputer to Australia to aide medical research

  • ibm_blue_gene_q.jpg
    The IBM Blue Gene/Q, crowned as the world’s greenest supercomputer, will soon head to Melbourne at the Victorian Life Sciences Computation Initiative (VLSCI). Hosted by the University of Melbourne, this super-green supercomputer will provide next-generation computational capacity for life-sciences research. In short, the computer, also the fastest in the whole of Australia, will help up the levels of medical research and will sport 836 teraflops of processing power, about the same as 20,000 desktop computers. Also, as compared to other supercomputers of its kind, the Blue Gene/Q is extremely efficient and was ranked as the world’s most efficient supercomputer by the Green500.

    Posted in Topics:Gadgets and Tech, Tags: on February 24, 2012