• Vaccine storing refrigerator powers up using energy from the sun, by ATC

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    Transporting and storing medications like vaccines in far flung areas where electricity hasn’t yet been discovered can be a pretty difficult and challenging task. So, to take the cheery old syringes and vaccines to areas like these and tend to the sick, Appropriate Technology Collaborative (ATC) has come up with refrigerator that power up using solar power, that will aide in storing these vaccines. And yes, it can be built locally, which pushes out the need to ship equipment to these areas. Without using any electricity, these refrigerators provide the required cooling to store vaccines.

    The Solar Vaccine Refrigerator doesn’t require too much maintenance either, making it easier to use in such areas. Using materials like charcoal, ethanol and methanol that can easily be found locally, this refrigerator can be set up and run on biofuels too, incase the sun decides to shy away. Containing no moving parts, this refrigerator by ATC will sure come as a relief to medical folk in far away lands.

    Posted in Topics:Gadgets and Tech, Tags: , on June 11, 2010