• Umeox Apollo is a solar powered Android phone

  • Umeox-Apollo.jpg
    The Android operating system by Google is quickly catching on in the mobile phone industry today, given that its highly versatile, supports thousands of useful applications and is quickly developing. Here’s an Android that’s green and eco-friendly, powered by solar energy. Developed by a Chinese company Umeox, together with a Dutch firm, the Umeox Apollo phone has an integrated solar panel that soaks in solar juice to power up the hand-held device. Using the SunBoost3 Smart Cell solar module by Intivation, this one charges up in low-light too. With a 3.2 inch HVGA touch screen, 3 megapixel camera, FM, a 512MB RAM, Bluetooth, HSDPA, and WiFi, Bluetooth, HSDPA, WiFi, this phone’s just the perfect device to stay connected!

    The Umeox Apollo Android phone will sure as hell catch on and give some pretty stiff competition to its Android peers in the mobile phone market.

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