• UK researchers develop printable thin-film solar cells

  • printable-thin-film-solar-cells-1.jpg
    One of the reasons solar technology isn’t catching on as quickly as it should is the fact that it still remains expensive. Buying and setting up solar panels isn’t all the cheap today, and though they help save up on costs in the future, the initial payments required to set these up can skyrocket, which all really boils down to the cost of manufacturing them. Solar panel manufacturing is indeed an expensive process today, which could change for the better tomorrow, making solar technology inexpensive, thanks to developments like these printable plastic polymer photovoltaic cells. Developed by researchers in UK, the process essentially prints out the plastic polymer photovoltaic cells on cling-like film.

    This works out to be a quicker and much more inexpensive way to produce solar cells, which in turn could pull down the prices of solar-based technology and devices in the near future.

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