• Tulipe pot glows red to indicate plants need watering

  • Tulipe-pot.jpg
    Ever tried growing a potted plant at home that has always wound up dead, due to the unavoidable reason of “not knowing when the little green thing needs watering”? Well, that is now an event of the past, thanks to this illuminating pot for your little green buddy. Known as the Tulipe pot, this one lights up every time your plant is thirsty and needs watering. It does so when sensors detect that the temperature, light or moisture is not at optimum levels and glows bright red to show its water needs. Designed by 22 year old Natalie King, the pot isn’t on store shelves yet, though hopefully for King and our dying plants, it does show up soon enough.

    An innovative idea to encourage people to grow plants and keep the green alive and breathing, the Tulipe pot would work just fine on our window sill making sure the green throats of our plants are never parched.

    Posted in Topics:Gadgets and Tech, Tags: , on July 29, 2010