• TreePods, artificial trees that purify the air and light up at night

  • TreePods.jpg
    We human shave polluted the earth. We’ve cut down trees. We’ve stabbed nature in its throat a thousand times. It’s up to us humans to now give back something to mother earth. And so, designers Mario Caceres and Cristian Canonico have come up with these beautiful artificial trees that filter the air, just like the real one’s do. Somewhat reminding us of the forest trees in the movie Avatar, the TreePods were designed for the SHIFTboston urban intervention contest. Using biomimicry to replicate the carbon filtration qualities of trees, the beautiful TreePods have branches that work as Co2 filters. During the night time, they light up with some pretty dazzling colors that’ll have you stop and stare.

    A well though of design for a good cause, the TreePods will sure look great propped up on traffic islands and similar places where pollution levels rise above the roof.

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