• Toshiba releases LED streetlamps with low power consumption

  • Toshiba_LED_streetlamps.jpg
    Street lamps, the bright lights on our streets that illuminate our paths and keep us from stumbling and that creepy darkness away, are now having themselves a green makeover. Two LED street lamps, as bright as the usual 400W mercury lamps or 180W high-pressure sodium lamps that are used today have been developed by Toshiba Lighting & Technology Corp. these belong to the E-Core series of LED lamps by Toshiba. The lamps provide an average area of 1.0cd/m2 with a power consumption of just 122W with a 200 volt input. Street lights using 400W mercury lamp (KSC-4) or a 180W high-pressure sodium lamp (KSH-2) usually consume 415W and 195W respectively, which is comparatively high.

    That’s not all. If the light isn’t enough, the brightness can be increased too. With a life of around 60,000 hours, this one ages slowly as compared to mercury and high-pressure sodium lights.

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