• This LED lamp is powered by a lit candle

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    Who would’ve thought that tea light candles would go on to power LED bulbs. Well, in the light of this epic discovery we marvel at the existence of an LED lamp that doesn’t have a cord or battery pack to illuminate. A single candle can set the lamp aglow for four hours. It leverages the thermoelectric Seebeck effect that generates electricity from the heat generated by the candle. The miracle is the fact that a 1 lumen candle can put out light of 15 lumens via the LED, which means it is brighter, greener and in some cases even cost effective. It’s called the Lumir C lamp seems to be the future of green lighting. It offers amplified lighting for a regular candle, something that could be considered to be very eco-friendly given that beeswax candles are eco-friendly to start with.

    The Lumir C lamp can set you back $69 a pop. Think about this and then about how you could equip yourself with a solar charger, battery pack and LED light. Wouldn’t be much of a difference.

    [ Via : Treehugger ]

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