• The Wave Glider detects dispersed oil, forewarning oil spills, powered by the sun

  • Wave.jpgOil spills have been creating a mess in our oceans all the while. And its no wonder new technology is being developed to get rid of all the mess. The last time, we came across the SeaSwarm solar powered robots, developed to work as a swarm and clean up oil spills. We came across yet another technology developed for the purpose, also powered up by the sun. The Wave Glider has been put into action by BP too. The brainchild of Liquid Robotics, this one cruises through water on pre-programmed courses for months together. Using a GPS system, weather stations, sensors, the Wave Glider can detect dispersed oil and microscopic phytoplankton too.

    The Wave Glider somewhat looks like a surfboard integrated with solar panels that power up all its electronics. Propelling energy is derived from the waves. Besides sensing oil spills, these devices can be used for other sea-faring purposes too in future, when required. Oil spills seem pretty controllable now!

    Posted in Topics:Gadgets and Tech, Tags: , on August 29, 2010