• The solar powered E.Capsule tree for greener energy

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    You probably haven’t heard of fruits right out of a tree powering up an electric car before. Well, the fruit, the E.Capsule of these “trees” does just that. A concept designed by Alex Dumler will have gas stations being switched for recharging stations that look like trees. This sure means a whole lot more artificial greenery around. So how does the E.Capsule work? The “tree” harvest energy from wind and solar sources and stores it In a E.Capsule.

    These E.Capsules can be used in specially designed cars. They can be plugged into any one of the car’s four outlets for these power sources, each of which delivers a 75km range. When your electric car runs out of charge, all you have to do is look out for one of these trees, drop your empty E.Capsule in there for charging, and pick out a fully charged one. This sure is a great way to cleaner transport.
    Via – [Designlaunches]

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