• The Quirky Ray charger juices up mobile devices on the go with solar energy

  • Quirky-Ray-charger.jpg
    Mobile phones come packed with battery woes, and the most of us face the phenomena of our phones ditching us at the worst possible moment, with the battery dying out as we helplessly look around for a charging source. Quirky recently unveiled the Ray, a solar powered portable charging device for your portable devices. Simply place this interesting little charger on a surface well-exposed to sunlight and plug your mobile phone or portable device using the USB connector. The Ray works great while placed near a window too, so if you do enjoy a lovely view from your workspace, this one’s the ideal way to juice your mobile phone!

    Costing $49.99 a pop (pre-sale at $39.99), the Quirky Ray is portable and easy-to-use, working as an alternative to plugging into the grid to feed your phone.

    Posted in Topics:Gadgets and Tech, Tags: , on October 5, 2011