• The Light Catcher Battery steals the sunlight to power up

  • Light-Catcher-Battery-1.jpg
    Here’s a battery that’ll never run dry and you’ll never need to toss in the bin so long as the sun shines up there in the sky. Designed by Yung-Hsaing Chang, Ming-Shien Lin and Chang-Ting Lu, the Light Catcher battery, (a catchy name for a battery) powers using energy from the sun. With AA and AAA variants, the body of this battery is transparent and coated with an antireflective layer. Inside lie the solar cells that soak in the sun’s energy. An entry for the 2011 IF concept design competition, the Light Catcher will catch on quickly when it hits store shelves.

    Running out of juice will not be so much of a concern anymore, especially if you’re out there in the outdoors with the Light Catcher for company.

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