• The largest Hydrogen Fuel Cell Generator in the world to be set up by Ballard Power Scores Big

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    CLEARgen is the new name for the largest Hydrogen Fuel Cell Generator in the world, having base at Burnaby, B.C., to Eastlake, Ohio. This deal between Ballard Power Systems and Ohio’s FirstEnergy Generation Corp will generate enough electricity to power 500 homes all by itself. Based on Ballard’s proton exchange membrane (PEM) technology, the world’s biggest hydrogen fuel cell is as big as a tractor trailer and is said is be one of the most green and clean energy sources in the world.

    World’s Largest Hydrogen Fuel Cell Generator Set to Deploy

    Owing to the portable nature of the fuel cell, which produces heat and water as by-products, the apparatus can be transported as per climatic and weather changes. At California, Ballard plans to use the hydrogen generated as a by-product from the bleach plant of K2 Pure Solutions at California.

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