• The iPad indirectly increases carbon footprint according to Greenpeace

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    The new Apple of the tree, the Apple iPad has managed to grab a whole lot of attention with its recent release. However, it has received stiff nods of disapproval from the green community. This is because devices like these depend on cloud computing. Cloud computing burn up a whole lot of fuel to get them working and greedily suck up energy. It requires large data centers to have them work efficiently. According to Greenpeace estimates, in 2020, these data centers will consume more energy than what France, Brazil, Canada, and Germany together use today.

    The iPad and devices like it indirectly darken carbon footprints and increase energy consumption. This does make you wonder what powers up the Internet and how much more coal power will the IT industry demand to keep it alive. Hopefully, future iPads come equipped with solar cells to make up for this.

    Posted in Topics:Gadgets and Tech, Tags: , on March 31, 2010