• The H2O Power radio is powered by water flowing in the shower

  • H2O-Power-radio-1.jpg
    Radios have traditionally been powered up by electricity from the grid. Holding a radio beneath a tap to power up, seemed just plain stupid until now. The H2O Power radio is a lot different though and uses running water to power up! Perfect for those showers that have the external hosing running from the tap to the head, this one can be fitted on to just about any place between the tap and the hose, the radio uses a Ni-Mh rechargeable battery that stores its juice. Unlike those water-friendly radios that you can have accompanying you in the shower, this one needs no grid connection whatsoever.

    An innovative device indeed, this one just goes to show how applicable alternative energy sources can be in our day to day life.

    Posted in Topics:Gadgets and Tech, Tags: , on March 17, 2011