• The Green Smart Glass converts excess heat into electricity

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    Every body needs a kick to start their day, and most of us opt of a steaming cup of coffee, tea, milk or something. Now no one in their right minds would gulp in the boiling hot drink right away, right? It needs to cool off a bit before you start sipping away, but in the process a lot of heat energy is lost without any real reason. So some bright brains have created a tumbler called the Green Smart Glass. This glass stores up the losing heat into energy form, which can be used later to heat up or cool contained beverages.

    However the housewife in me is more bother about is maintenance, cleaning and spilling of hot liquids. Oh well, they will have some mention in the packaged booklet, after all the Japanese think of everything, don’t they?

    Posted in Topics:Gadgets and Tech, Tags: , on October 15, 2010