• The green energy generating Ecotypic Bed

  • Ecotypic-Bed-1.jpg
    Sleeping in bed late hasn’t really been too productive for any of use before. Well, sleeping and lazing around on the Ecotypic Bed could do a lot more! This one, designed by Arthur Xin, is indeed a marvel of technology. Packing a battery below, instead of those silly monsters we’ve been afraid of since we were kids, this bed generates electricity from the activities carried out on the bed. Basically, everything you do in bed and around the bed is turned into energy! This electricity generated is then use to power up the LED reading lamps, the speakers that play some soothing music to wake you up, and also LED lights that help the plants on this one grow. The bed has hooked on a bunch of straps and pulleys for you to exercise with, that helps generate electricity too!

    And also, the little green buddies growing around you give you that lovely feeling of sleeping green.

    Posted in Topics:Gadgets and Tech, Tags: , on October 25, 2010