• The efficient ‘Urban wheelchair’ to make life easier for the physically challenged

  • urban-wheelchair.jpg
    The ‘Urban Wheelchair’ designed by Ben Thorpe, a UK –based designer, promises to change same conventional look of wheelchairs. This brilliant piece of design is equipped with hubless wheels fixed with a tight ball-bearing which increase the efficiency of this device. Apart from this, the ‘Urban Wheelchair’ also provides a lifting mechanism which can help the users lead a more normal life. It is equipped with two 12v lithium ion batteries, of which one is used to power the wheel chair while the other is used to facilitate the lifting mechanism.

    It is built with Titanium which provides a light, yet strong frame. This innovation, which has a better efficiency than conventional, electrically operated wheelchairs, could also be a great help to the physically challenged.

    Posted in Topics:Gadgets and Tech, Tags: , on March 15, 2010