• The Eco-Green Ring reminds you to clean up your air

  • Eco-Green-Ring.jpg
    Here’s a device that looks like a tree trunk and does your lungs a favor by purposefully pointing out how dirty the air around you is and does a small bit of cleaning and filtering too! Known as the Eco-Green Ring, this hook-onto-your-wall tree trunk-like device uses a series of lights to indicate the purity of air. Those tiny twinkly lights remind us how much just how much pollution we fill our beloved lungs with. Designed by Park Jun Seok and Kwon Hye Rim, the Green Ring uses a red light to denote that the air is dreadful, and green lights to show that it’s as clean as the top of a Himalayan mountain. That’s not all. This environment loving tree trunk also uses recycled materials like recycled plastic and waterbome paint, pushing the green factor upwards. So what powers up this device? Human power! All you need to do is pull the little branch on the side to rev up power supply.


    Posted in Topics:Gadgets and Tech, Tags: , on March 13, 2010