• The DIY solar powered remote control for your TV

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    You might be a couch potato. You might hate getting off your couch during TV time. You might just simply hate changing the batteries of your remote control. That shouldn’t stop you from having your own solar powered DIY remote control though! Well, maybe you’ll save up the energy of walking around while switching batteries and put on a few extra pounds with that. You do save the environment though! The Solar TV Remote project lets you do the environment a favor and do some green, from you couch! Also, if this one has left you itching for
    more similar projects, you could simply use the same technique to power up other AA and AAA powered devices around.

    A great way to get your backside off that couch for a while and save the environment a bit while you construct yourself a solar powered TV remote.

    Posted in Topics:Gadgets and Tech, Tags: , on January 31, 2011