• The AIR-igator waters gardens by drawing it from air

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    This is a time of severe water shortages around the world. The summers are also getting hotter as every year passes by. Hence conservation for water in gardens is becoming very important day by day. This is where AIR-igator comes into the picture. This device collects condensates from air conditioners, storing it and the automatically drip waters the plants. So the hotter it becomes the more water you get for your garden. A fairly efficient three ton central air conditioner unit will produce up to 15 gallons of water every day. Moreover the condensate from air is free from chemical and is pure, it is ideal for micro-irrigation. The system is also very simple. It has a diameter of 245 inches and a 65 gallon capacity polythene tank which is buried in the ground and the condensate drain pipe is plumbed straight in. it also has a 120V 1200 GPH pump and a float control. When the tank fills, this float will start the pump and run till the tank is empty. The float can also act a signal timer for watering the garden at specified times. Water loss is kept at a minimum and also inhibits the growth of weeds. A complete set of AIR-igator costs $495 and is presently available through the Florida based manufacturer.


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