• Tata Indicom Launches Cellphones that can Remotely Operate Irrigation Pumps via SMS in India

  • irrigation-water-pump-cellphone-tata.jpg
    The launch of new Tata Indicom cellphones which can remotely operate irrigation pumps via sms is very good news for Indian farmers. Anyone who has travelled within India probably must have noticed vast farmlands stretching to the horizon dotted with villages. It is a daunting task for the farmers to irrigate their lands, for they need to trudge miles, often even in the middle of nights to operate the irrigation pumps. Tata Teleservices Limited, an Indian telecom Company has launched this new service. This cell phone is a green gadget given Indian socio-politico and environmental context.

    India is basically agricultural based country which is also drought prone and there is lack of non-stop electricity in the vast hinterland. Such gadget which can operate irrigation pumps remotely is the need of the hour for there is a need to conserve water which can serve the purpose of drinking water. Also poor farmers share irrigation pump sets (which also leads to lot of issues), this remote operation of irrigation pumps will automatically make time sharing easy. Technology must come to the aid of everyone if we want to save our limited resources and this is one brilliant instance of it doing so.
    Via Treehugger