• Swedish Sweat Machine transform human sweat into potable water

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    Awful as it may sound, with the right amount of purification, sweat can be turned into potable water. To prove this theory right, Swedish designers built a Sweat Machine that literally uses sweat from drenched clothes and turns it all into pure and drinkable water! The machine is inspired by NASA’s astronauts who recycle everything they use in outer space to sustain their stay. Developed by the Deportivo PR Company and UNICEF, the machine turns the spotlight on important issues like water scarcity and famines.

    Sporting a high-tech water filter developed at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, the machine simply requires users to pile in their sweaty clothes and extracts the sweat from it. This is then exposed to UV light which remove salt and bacteria. The concept might sound a little disgusting to some but the fact that this machine uses waste to create water makes it a winner!


    [Via – Inhabitat]

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